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Robin Mills, the youngest grandson of the late WA Mills (established early 1900’s), is a privately owned auction house and one of South Africa’s oldest and reputable names in auctioneers. Since its establishment in 1984 it has been amongst the most respected and trusted brands in the industry. From the original landmark auction centre in Church Street, Wynberg in the 1930’s to the large warehouse in Retreat today, the Robin Mills Group is four generations in the making.  With this expertise and the trust of its clients, it has grown into the admired business it is today.

Over the past 40 years, the Mills auction bran has experienced remarkable prosperity under the seasoned and capable leadership of Robin Mills. His daughter Ashleigh was trained and mentored by Robin Mills to carry the business into the future.

Family businesses create a lasting legacy that brings with it a sense of accomplishment and a strong sense of pride and integrity. “Not only am I passionate about auctioneering, but I have built on the efforts of my forefathers which motivates us to be stewards of our family business and with it comes a build-in loyalty to carry the legacy to new heights, in the name of the family but also in service to our customers” says Robin Mills.

Harvard Business Review noted last year, that family owned business structures “gives them a long term orientation that traditional public firms often lack” which is evident when you do business with The Robin Mills Group as they are truly in it for the long-term.

Further validation of their professionalism is reinforced by their membership to SAIA (South Africa Institute of Auctioneers) as well as the cover they offer their clients via the Fidelity Insurance Fund protecting customers against fraud or embezzlement.

The Robin Mills Group are appointed appraisers by the Minister of Justice, in terms of section 6 of the Administration of Estates Act no. 66 of 1965.

But after all is said and done the best auctioneers are those who know how to put on a fantastic show. A good auctioneer knows how to curate an auction event to make it exciting and valuable for all who participate. So come along and join us at our next auction and experience the “Mills Magic”